Enrich.io Integration Quick Start

Last updated: November 13, 2019


Enrich data marketplace is a ready-to-use data marketplace which invites developers to create apps, and these can be used by the end-users. We provide facilities to data users to create their own workflows and publish APIs to enrich data which is served over the internet.

CRM Admin

Getting Started...

URL : http://app.enrich.io/

Step 1: Login - Contact Enrich.io to get login credentials.

Step 2: Create Workflow - To create a new workflow, click on Create Workflow Button.

Workflow: There are two ways to create a new workflow.

  • Templates
  • Start from Scratch

If you want to create a workflow from predefined templates, choose a suitable template from Templates ,and click on Use .

If you want to create your workflow from scratch, choose Start from Scratch and click on Create Workflow.

You can create a workflow by providing initial input parameters.

To add a new input parameter, click on Add Input Parameter (Provide parameter name and select its type from the list).

You can also update an existing input field or delete it by clicking on Update or Delete.

Select APP: Based on your provided input parameters, APPs are shown in Select APP Block. Select APP from the list that fulfills your requirements ,or you can also search APP by its name.

Select APP Credentials: You can use Enrich.io Authentication Credentials to use the app in this step of workflow or you can provide your own credentials for this APP.